Health Ecosystem Value Design® Framework

Health Ecosystem Value Design® is a universal value sensing, exploration, strategy and co-creation framework tailored for health and care.

Where it is deployed

Typically, the framework is deployed upstream to inform, design and shape ecosystem strategy, policy and programmes, business / care models, value propositions, technology and service concepts and organisational / ecosystem capabilities.

Doing so ensures that all downstream actions are catalysed by deeper understanding of ecosystem perspectives, opportunities, emergence and constraints.

What it can do for you

Health Ecosystem Value Design® will support you to:

  • Sense and identify emerging and existing health ecosystem trajectories, possibilities, risk factors, constraints and enablers
  • Frame and assess novel contexts, spaces, options and opportunities for health ecosystem value-creation, growth, renewal and/or transformation
  • Design and co-create ecosystem strategy, policy, business / operating models, programmes, technologies, services and adaptive capacities
  • Build, adapt and embed the distinctive ecosystem design, learning and organisational capabilities and frameworks needed for sustained health ecosystem value-creation

Where it has been used

Health Ecosystem Value Design® has been deployed in diverse health and care ecosystems. These include obesity, chronic pain, patient safety, infection prevention, diabetes, diabetic foot, surgical, elderly care, mental health, neonatal complications and in a number of chronic condition areas (see our example projects).

Let's connect

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