Chris Lawer Umio Workshop

Most health and care systems are buckling under growing pressures of chronic, persistent problems and ever-diminishing resources. Despite best efforts, many technology-driven interventions and transformation programmes do not scale or have only limited, incremental impact. Worse, many lead to unintended consequences such as conflict, shifted or hidden cost and added stress that can diminish the sustainability of health and care systems and burden the people that work within them. 

To realise more healthy and flourishing lives, work, systems, societies and economies, we believe that an alternative view of health value is essential; one that helps us see systemic problems more clearly, conceive of valued interventions more confidently and lead and execute transformation efforts more effectively. 


In this one-day masterclass, Chris Lawer, CEO will introduce Umio's ecosystem view of health value along with our framework and approach for designing and realising it. Through a mix of applied theory and practical group activities, you will acquire understanding of complexity thinking, health ecosystem and value design principles. And you will explore Umio's methods for revealing opportunities, building adaptive capabilities and accelerating value-based transformation in health, care and related ecosystems. 

Whether working in industry, a provider or government organisation, come along and be inspired to reimagine and reshape your (eco)systemic health innovation and design efforts. Don't wait! Book your place today.

Contact us for more information or download the one-page workshop summary.