Value-creation in complex health ecosystems

Umio are specialists in health and care ecosystem value discovery, creation and evolution. We help our clients to sense and seize upon untapped potential for innovation, growth and renewal by navigating through complex health and care ecosystems and constantly shifting competitive, practice and technological terrain on their behalf.

Why Umio?

Complex and fast-evolving health and care ecosystems demand advanced capabilities for:

  • Sensing, capturing and prioritising attractive ecosystem, market, practice and technological opportunities
  • Shaping opportunities into solid investment cases with robust health economic and risk indicators
  • Formulating evidence- and ecosystem-based growth and transformation strategy, business models and product / technology / service concepts
  • Seizing opportunities quickly and overcoming internal conflicts, barriers and constraints
  • Sustaining advantage and adaptation

To create sustained value in health and care ecosystems, leaders, designers and innovators cannot rely on:

  • Ad hoc, unsystematic front-end processes leading to guesswork, high levels of iteration and failure
  • Outmoded analyse, plan, and act approaches to ecosystem strategy
  • Excessive functional independence, leading to loss of internal consensus and alignment
  • Uncoordinated ecosystem opportunity evaluation and decision-making structures
  • Cumbersome procedures that lead to a loss of relevance, lack flexibility and ultimately inhibit innovation and adaptation

Umio overcomes these shortcomings for health and care companies, providers and other organisations seeking to enhance their performance and achieve repeated success.

We can help you to discover, interpret and deploy the knowledge necessary to build your capabilities for sustained growth, renewal and advantage.

Our services

Our services are organised into four interlinked "service pillars", each offering a different starting point for your Umio engagement, yet which we navigate through to deliver compelling ecosystem opportunity insights, innovation, growth and transformation strategies. They are (click on each for detailed summaries):

  • Sense-Identify - Frame and explore your ecosystem to reveal novel, high-potential value-creation opportunities
  • Assess-Refine - Evaluate and evidence ecosystem strategy, plans, technologies and concepts ... early
  • Seize-Shape - Design value-based ecosystem strategy and propositions that exceed your objectives
  • Build-Learn - Advance your capabilities to discover, create and sustain health ecosystem value

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To discuss your health and care ecosystem ideas, challenges and opportunities, and to arrange an introduction to Umio and Health Value Design®, please contact us on + 44(0) 1295 724 539 via or by using this contact form.