A Framework for Health and Care Ecosystem Value Creation

To realise more healthy and flourishing health and care systems, it's necessary to break dominant, entrenched ways of thinking about health value and also, rethink how it is created and sustained. At Umio, we believe it is becoming increasingly important to:

  • Broaden current conceptions of health value to reveal new (eco-systemic) directions and opportunities
  • Improve our understanding of health problems, their root causes, meaning and consequences
  • Synthesise biomedical with person-centred care approaches that adapt to the context of individual personal experiences with health, capabilities, capacities and condition
  • Co-create health initiatives, technologies and approaches that have greater positive impact
  • Design new forms and modes of health-creating organisations, structures and interactions
  • Build practical, dynamic capabilities to do all the above repeatedly

At Umio, we bring a value-based co-creation framework to do all the above. We call this Health Value Design®.

Health Value Design®

Health Value Design® is an advanced, universal framework and approach for co-creating value in health and care ecosystems. Through deep understanding of the drivers of co-creation and the nature of health value, we help industry, provider and government organisations to:

  • Acquire a new perspective on health ecosystem value
  • Reveal several new exciting opportunities for growth, adaptation and the redesign of health and care systems
  • Conceive of, and evidence multiple ecosystem value propositions in a single project
  • Design transformative or high-growth ecosystem strategies
  • Scope and co-create ecosystem interventions, programmes, technologies and solutions that scale; prior to making major commitments in funding or other resources
  • Build, evolve and lead ecosystem-aligned organisations, teams and practices that do all the above repeatedly

Health Value Design® has been deployed in numerous complex health and care ecosystem contexts. These include obesity, infection prevention, diabetes, diabetic foot, surgical, elderly care, mental health, neonatal complications and in multiple long-term chronic conditions (see our example projects).

Through ongoing adaptation, Health Value Design® has evolved into the advanced approach we use today. 

What is a Health and Care Ecosystem?

A health and care ecosystem is a loosely bounded, open system of actors (organisations, individuals) who co-create value (personal experiences with health, knowledge, adaptive capabilities and capacities, outcomes) with and for a beneficiary actor group (patients, population, persons with health needs) for a defined purpose.

What is a Health and Care Ecosystem?

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