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We design and help transform value in health and care ecosystems

Our ecosystem value design thinking, framework and approach helps industry, provider and government organisations to:

  • Embrace yet simplify complexity
  • Better understand complex health system problems
  • Explore wider spaces of possibility for value creation, as well as go deeper into existing ones
  • Conceive of, and evidence, novel value propositions at an early stage, prior to resource commitment
  • Cocreate desired interventions, programmes, technologies and solutions
  • Build, evolve and lead more adaptive organisations, teams and practices that do all the above repeatedly

We call our approach Health Value Design®.

Health Value Design®

Health Value Design® is an advanced framework and approach for designing and transforming value in health and care ecosystems sustainably and at scale. It helps to build adaptive capacity and improve outcomes for patients and all health and care actors.

The framework is based on four core principles:

[1] Health and care systems consist of multiple Value or Service Ecosystems

[2] individual Value Ecosystems can be identified using four contexts of a beneficiary actor type (a patient or population group), a value purpose, its situation and the resource environment

[3] health value is cocreated by actors interacting with resources and each other to provide and obtain services for the purpose, and

[4] health value is context-dependent, multi-dimensional, systemic and dynamic.

By understanding ecosystem actor perspectives, resources, capabilities, constraints, conflicts, priority outcomes and the patterns of how they all vary more deeply, Health Value Design® reveals precise opportunities (with metrics) for ecosystem value design and cocreation.

With future possibilities clearly defined and evidenced, we help design ecosystem strategy, business / operational models, technologies, products and services that create value and accelerate growth and transformation.


Every Umio project is framed carefully by a health value ecosystem. Here are some examples.

Once defined, we map the problem situation deeply, capture and evidence novel possibilities, theme opportunity patterns and re-imagine valid, desirable and feasible futures. We shape ecosystem strategy, scope interventions and cocreate solutions.

Health Value Design® can be deployed at an early-stage, prior to making commitment or investment in new technologies, solutions or systems. Alternatively, it may be deployed to shape and enhance an existing concept, investment, technology or service. 

The approach deploys a whole ecosystem view using multiple design approaches for product, technology, service, practice, organisational, policy and programme design. It is an advanced value design system that is agnostic to any type of product, solution or technology, or any industry, context or setting.

Health Value Design® has been deployed in numerous complex health and service ecosystem contexts. These include obesity, infection prevention, diabetes, diabetic foot, surgical, elderly care, mental health, neonatal complications and in multiple long-term chronic conditions (see our example projects).

Through ongoing adaptation, Health Value Design® has evolved into the advanced approach we use today. Read some of the very positive feedback from our clients and the Umio community.

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For a more detailed review, download our publication, Design and Transform Value in Health: A Service Ecosystem Framework.

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"Healthcare systems the world over are struggling to innovate to respond to the ever-growing demands upon them. Umio's approach is distinctive and powerful, and should help.” Peter Templeton, Director of Product Development, CN Bio Innovations, UK

"Umio offers a very robust, timely, and highly useful ecosystem design framework, based on an artful combination of strategic and design thinking within a solid ecological systems perspective that is essential to address today's complex health and other service/business challenges." Bert Painter, President STS Roundtable

"Awesome ! Brilliant! And super impactful! I admire and appreciate your work and your deep ecosystems approach I can see how it would extend and enhance my work in terms of clinical reasoning for advanced practice in nursing.” Daniel Pesut, Director Densford International Center for Nursing Leadership, University of Minnesota School of Nursing

“This is one of the most sophisticated healthcare business cases I have ever seen.” Stuart Baird, Head of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, Glasgow Caledonia University

"This is fantastic. Huge amount of information here and a great helicopter view of all the markets (the technology) operates in. What would we do without Umio?" Blanca Baez, Head of Value-Based Business Development, Mundipharma

“Your diagnostic market opportunity assessment project was so impressive that my Board will sign off Umio as a provider without hesitation. Your work is far more detailed and precise than that delivered by our incumbent providers.” Steve Atkins, CEO, Systagenix

"The team at Umio are top professionals in this field, they delivered on time and on budget, with the final product being the best piece of pre-business planning a company could hope for. Their ability to depict and model innovation opportunities from all angles is quite simply phenomenal! An outstanding piece of work." Paolo di Vincenzo, VP, Global Marketing, Systagenix