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Umio  - What we Do

We help industry, provider and government organisations to:

  • Develop an applied understanding of health ecosystem value, its drivers and measures
  • Identify high-leverage value creation opportunities, prior to commitment
  • Frame and evidence new strategic spaces for value-based growth and adaptation
  • Design value-creating products, technologies, services, practices, business models, programmes and policies that scale and ...
  • Advance their capabilities for creating and sustaining health ecosystem value ... 

Umio works with some of the world’s most progressive health and medical companies, care providers and governments. They deploy our unique value ecosystem perspective, framework and approach to find, evidence, organise and pursue new paths for growth, evolution and transformation.

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Discover more by reading about our Health Value Design® framework. You may also like to browse and download our publications or review our many case-studies from different health and care markets and settings. 

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To arrange for an introduction to Umio and Health Value Design® and to explore applications for your organisation, please contact us on + 44(0) 1295 724 539 or use this contact form.

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