About Umio

We bring a unique systemic design framework and perspective for advancing value and accelerating transformation in health, care and social ecosystems. This helps industry, provider and public sector organisations to overcome complexity, discover novel opportunities, conceive impactful, valued solutions and address complex problems, sustainably and at scale. 

Advancing human perspectives on value

Most health and care systems are buckling under growing pressures of chronic, persistent problems and ever-diminishing resources. Despite best efforts, many change programmes, policies, technologies and other interventions do not scale or have only limited, incremental impact. Worse, many lead to unintended consequences such as new forms of conflict, shifted costs and added stress that can diminish the sustainability of health and care systems, and burden the people that work within them. 

To realise more healthy and flourishing health and care systems, it's necessary to break dominant, entrenched ways of thinking about health value and also, rethink how it is created and sustained. At Umio, we believe it is becoming increasingly important to:

  • Avoid an exclusive, narrow and merely symptomatic, cost-, improvement, and efficiency-focus on clinical and disease-condition outcomes
  • Improve our understanding of complex health system problems, their root causes in social systems, and the practices and logics that cause them to persist
  • Explore new spaces of possibility and discover novel opportunities for health value creation outside of traditional contexts and assumptions
  • Find new ways to design novel interventions, programmes, policies, services, technologies and other solutions that impact health outcomes systemically, at scale and sustainably
  • Build more dynamic organisational and collaborative capabilities for adapting, renewing and transforming health, care and social systems

At Umio, we bring an advanced value framework to do all the above. We call this Health Value Design®. Find out more about the framework here. 

New value paradigm, new opportunities 

Working with some of the world’s most progressive health, pharma, life sciences and medical technology companies, care providers, entrepreneurs and governments, we deploy Health Value Design® to help them discover, evidence, organise and pursue new paths for value-based growth, evolution and transformation in health, care and related social ecosystems. 

So if you too are:

  • Searching for new value-creation opportunities
  • Wanting to grow, adapt or transform your health market, care or system strategy, policy or programmes
  • Looking to introduce a new health technology or other intervention, or are ...
  • Struggling with existing efforts at change or adoption...

... then we invite you to discover how Umio can help.

Discover more

Learn more by reading about our Health Value Design® framework. You may also like to browse and download our publications or review our many case-studies from different health and care markets and settings. 

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To arrange for an introduction to Umio and Health Value Design® and to explore applications for your organisation or ecosystem, please contact us on + 44(0) 1295 724 539 or use this contact form.