“Product development is like mining. However good your execution, the quality of the outcome depends on your ability to identify what will be valued by others when you deliver it. UMIO’s ecosystem approach is distinctive and powerful, proving a means of identifying and assessing where that value can be found. It’s also comprehensive, giving full weight to the human component, not just the technology and engineering. Healthcare systems the world over are struggling to innovate to respond to the ever-growing demands upon them. This approach should help.”  Peter Templeton, Director Of Product Development, CN Bio Innovations, UK

"Awesome ! Brilliant! And super impactful! I admire and appreciate your work and your deep ecosystems approach I can see how it would extend and enhance my work in terms of clinical reasoning for advanced practice in nursing.” Daniel Pesut, Director Densford International Center for Nursing Leadership, University of Minnesota School of Nursing

"Chris Lawer and his team offer a very robust, timely, and highly useful ecosystem design framework, based on an artful combination of strategic and design thinking within a solid ecological systems perspective that is essential to address today's complex health and other service/business challenges." Bert Painter, President STS Roundtable